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Just when I was thinking, hoping that the world was heading toward a more progressive future, here is the spectacle of the US Senate voting down the UN Treaty on the rights of people with disabilities. Even Bob Dole’s appearance in a wheelchair could not persuade some of these senators.

The fact that the US would not ratify a treaty that is actually based on our own ADA laws is just downright embarrassing.  And, given their stated reason for not ratifying, it is even more discouraging to see that some of the old guard GOP still believe the UN is out to take over the world. This kind of thinking should have died away in the ’50’s. Incredible.

The US, with Eleanor Roosevelt at the helm, was originally the leader in human rights in the UN. Now, this vote makes us look to the world like an unenlightened and backward society. Opposing the rights of the disabled is not what we are supposed to represent!

But it really does make one wonder how these Republican politicians and, obviously, their constituents, can continue to live in an alternate universe in the 21st Century. This insistence on isolation seems to me to be not that different from the extremist elements of the Middle East who want women to wear veils. Sequestering a whole people from contact from the world is just so unrealistic in this age. Although I continue to believe that the stream of history is heading toward more freedoms, not fewer, incidents like this make me pause to wonder.

To think that US Senators can actually continue to promote the illusion that the UN has an agenda of world domination, is just so deceptive and disingenuous. Like the pre-WWII Isolationism that it echoes, it is really so out of step with the way the world is moving. That these Senators haven’t made the effort to educate their constituents about the fallacy of their old-fashioned fears about the UN, but continue to allow them to believe it, is pandering at its worst.

All the talk lately about Southern States voting to secede from the Union almost seems understandable, if that is the way they really think. But I have to wonder how it is that the education system and culture have, 150 years after the Civil War, somehow continued to support such an opposite and narrow world view? I want to believe that the views of the majority of the people in the Southern States are not truly being represented by these old timers. But I am not sure.


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